MCRType / explore typography & history in the city

Typography is the art and technique of arranging type which accompanies people lives every day for centuries. Inspired by the multiplicity and diversity of typefaces which can be found in cities, this project aims to create a guide to typography in the City of Manchester locating various sites on a map of the city centre.

“The city has a long history of excellence in the arts and boasts a number of Art Galleries; the Bridgewater Hall, home to the Hallé Orchestra; The Opera House and the Palace offering live entertainment and the production studios of the BBC and Granada. Musically the city is associated with important names from the classics to pop including Sir John Barbarolli, Charles Hallé as well as The Smiths, Joy Division and many more. Among the scientists, engineers and inventors the city can boast of Richard Arkwright, John Dalton, Ernest Rutherford, Alcock & Brown, James Joule and it was here that Rolls met Royce. Anthony Burgess was a Manchester man and among the long list of actors are Sir Ben Kingsley, Sir Ian McKellan, Pete Postlethwaite, Victoria and the wonderful Maxine Peake.”

It is hoped this will stimulate interest in the phenomenon of Typography in Manchester, and the project could be broadened across other cities and countries in the future.